Quebec Street: The Ultimate Quagmire

Recently, the City of Denver and traffic engineers met to look at some possible solutions to the traffic issues on Quebec St. Anyone who has accidentally taken Quebec and thought they were going to cross over Colfax between the hours of 2PM and 6PM knows what a mess this can be. Drivers and residents in the area looked to the city for solutions. “It is very frustrating,” said resident and leader of the movement Lisa Kimball. “We love living in Lowry, but driving in the area can be very annoying. Several changes have been made in this community and surrounding communities, but nothing has been done to help the traffic congestion.” The city is finally looking for a cost-effective, quick solution. “We are looking at some options right now that would fit in the budget,” says city traffic engineer Liam O’Hara. “These include reconfiguring Quebec to maximize turn lanes, turning Quebec into a one-way street, and giving priority to southbound travel.” O’Hara mentions that the city is looking for input from residents. “Usually, residents don’t have much to offer in this area since science is involved,” says O’Hara. “But, for the people that travel it all the time, maybe they see one of these as a strong solution, or quite possibly, something we haven’t thought of yet.” The Stapletonion took its own crack at traffic engineering and has come up with three possible alternative solutions.

  • No left turns: Do not allow any left turns from Quebec at stop lights which will mostly include Colfax and Montview. This will encourage drivers to not take Quebec in the first place, and even if they do, no one is waiting for one car to drive through the intersection while every other car waiting has to wait until the next light.
  • Remind drivers that Monaco is an option: Monaco moves significantly better, so maybe post some warning signs to drivers as they approach the congested area to let them know, “hey, Monaco is going to be your best bet.”
  • Three drink permit: For anyone traveling on Quebec St. between 6th Ave and MLK between designated hours, they will be allowed to have three alcoholic beverages in their possession and will not be subject to current laws on the subject. People will be more likely to be patient and just relax and enjoy the long drive.
If you have any suggestions for possible solutions to this specific traffic issue, please email them to The Stapletonion at We will post the best ideas in an upcoming issue. ]]>


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