Stapleton Welcome Committee Fears Worst of New Eastbridge Resident

“We will be out here until we know the truth–this is just not Stapleton,” said one of a small group of passionate protestors picketing the home of a new Eastbridge resident. Support is mounting against the new resident’s lifestyle since Wednesday morning when a neighbor sporting a welcome basket was able to enter the home. “There is no evidence that this woman has any dogs at all, not one.” A second story neighbor had alerted the Stapleton Master Community Association earlier this month that there were “no piles of dog crap whatsoever” in the new resident’s rear yard. “Let’s not vilify this poor woman until we know the facts,” said Stapleton resident and community association officer Chris Mason. “There have always been dogs, there will always be dogs, and it’s very possible there is a dog in there somewhere. I know we are all optimistic.” The investigation is ongoing, but an undisclosed source has claimed to have evidence that the middle-aged single woman may in fact be harboring a domestic Siamese mix cat inside the residence. In an ironic twist, it was on the very same block last spring when The Stapletonion reported that a couple, touting themselves as “parents,” were investigated on 3 counts of violating the controversial picket fence guideline which suggests that each Stapleton residence must contain at least 2.4 school-age children. The Stapleton MCA says that removing the resident from the neighborhood is a process. “We don’t just show up and throw them out,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “They will be given a warning, and be allowed a period of thirty days to either obtain a dog or give proof of an existing dog on their property. If, however, they do not provide the MCA the appropriate information, they will be escorted off Stapleton property back to Park Hill, the Highlands, or wherever else they came from.” ]]>

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