Flooding Delays Filming of “Bridges of Stapleton” Documentary

Two weeks ago, filmmaker Tim McGovern was planning on filming his documentary on the beautiful bridges in the Stapleton community, but the rain and floods washed away those plans. “It certainly has delayed the project,” said McGovern. “We have been excited about this project for a long time, but we can’t control the weather. We still plan to do the project, but we want to wait until the water subsides and the bridges are more in their natural state.” Last summer, McGovern was visiting from his home town Taos in New Mexico and became enthralled with the beauty of the bridges in Stapleton. “We would take little bike rides in the neighborhood, and I just became fascinated with the gorgeous bridges,” said McGovern. “I took a bunch of photos, and when I was looking at them when I got home I decided I had to do a documentary on them.” McGovern says the film will cover a brief history of Stapleton, a history of Westerly Creek, and of course will discuss the architects of each of the bridges and how their design came to pass. “A lot of bridges are built strictly for a purpose,” said McGovern. “And of course, some architects acknowledge that there is something beautiful about a bridge, and therefore, put their artistic heart into it. The Stapleton bridges have a lot of beauty in them, and we wanted to really explore that.” McGovern plans to come back out in late October to complete the project which will be seen on Colorado PBS sometime in the next four months. “We are very excited to get this project going. I think a lot of residents take these gorgeous bridges for granted, but after people watch the documentary on them, I am sure the bridges will no longer be so easily ignored.” ]]>

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