Pageant Controversy: Lil’ Miss Stapleton Originally from Highlands

On Saturday September 21st, Stapleton crowned its fifth Lil’ Miss Stapleton, Isabel Kimball. The contest, which is for 7 and 8 year olds, featured over 200 contestants who vied for the crown. “This year, we had so many great contestants,” said Lil’ Miss Stapleton event organizer Britney Corkery. “The girls just did a fabulous job, and we were extremely pleased with how the event was run. And of course, we think Isabel is going to be a great Miss Stapleton for the next year and will positively represent our community.” Many of the pageant-goers were pleased with the event and impressed with how well it was run. “Even though my daughter didn’t win, we were happy with how everything was run,” said Kara Johnson, mother of one of the contestants. “We just need to use a little more spray tan to get us in the hunt next year.” Although the event itself went off without a hitch, there has been some negative reaction about the winner after new information about her came to light. One day after the pageant, it came out that Isabel was not born while her parents were living in Stapleton, and in fact lived in the Highlands for the first six months of her life. “There is nothing in our rules that say that a contestant has to be from Stapleton originally,” said Corkery. “People are making a big deal about this for no reason, and Isabel absolutely will keep her crown.” Some fans of the pageant disagree with this non-policy. “It is Lil’ Miss Stapleton, not Lil’ Miss Stapleton transplant,” said local resident Mark Glynn. “Lil’ Miss Stapleton is who our kids look up to and who as a community we have pride in. How can we have pride in or even respect some outsider? It’s just not right.” Immediately after it was revealed that Isabel was originally from the Highlands, the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group lit up like a Christmas tree with posts both supporting Isabel, and those telling her to “go back where she came from (the Highlands).” “We need to figure out a way to ensure that winners are truly Stapleton,” said one post and “I’m sure she would be a great Lil’ Miss Highlands, but if you want to represent us, you have to be from here,” read another. Overall, support for Isabel outweighed the negative comments against her. “It’s too bad some people feel the way they do,” said Corkery. “But, we are not going to change the rules, and we are very happy with Isabel and how she has kept her poise and congeniality through this ordeal.” ]]>

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