Park Hill Home Tour Gives Stapleton Residents Chance to See Where They Used to Live

The Park Hill Home Tour held this past Sunday was a great opportunity for many current residents to go back and see their old neighborhood. “It was so fun getting back there,” said ex-Park Hill and current Stapleton resident Stephanie Klages. “To see some of our old neighbors and some of the places we used to frequent was really neat for that couple of hours. I mean, Park Hill is a great place to be from.” Residents toured the classic homes in Park Hill along with the up and coming homes north of MLK Jr. Blvd. “We didn’t take the entire tour,” said one current Stapleton resident who used to live in Park Hill. “We pretty much stayed near the area we used to live, which is what we were comfortable with.” Many of the families took the opportunity to explain to their children what their lives could have been like. “We made sure to take the kids,” said Becky Runyan. “In a way, it was how we let them see how we made choices to give them more opportunities. They could have been living in Park Hill, and look where they are at now. The kids definitely ‘got it’ and you could tell they appreciate what we did for them that much more.” In fact, so many parents took their kids on the tour to show them how rough their life could be, Stapleton schools are now considering taking field trips to non-Stapleton, third world-type suburbs. Aurora is being considered but parents and teachers are concerned that might be a little too rough. The most plausible suggestion so far is Thornton. “I am all for these types of field trips,” said parent Tony Leonhart. “Just an easy way for the kids to understand things could be a lot tougher than they have it in Stapleton-ville.” The next home tour for former residents coming up is the Highlands Home Tour, also sponsored by Forest City. “We want people to be able to see their old neighborhood and say, ‘so glad I got out of here,’” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Then, we hope they call their old friends and tell them they have to get out of there and move to Stapleton.” ]]>

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