Stapleton Resident Frustrated After Flood Causes Minor Inconveniences

Many people watched on television as roads washed away, homes were destroyed, and people scrambled to stay afloat on anything they could find as they waited for rescue workers. Stapleton resident Eric Crawford was in a slightly different boat, albeit, just as difficult. “My satellite TV was going in and out, and I was trying to watch a movie on HBO,” said Crawford. “To make matters worse, I had to go out into the rain to bucket out the window well. To some, I’m a hero, but really I’m just an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.” It wasn’t just the family home Crawford was concerned with. “The night before I had left my BMW out front,” said Crawford. “I was very worried about hail. However, I didn’t want to have to go out into the rain to drive it around into the garage. I would sit there for minutes at a time just staring, praying that nothing would happen to my baby (car).” The Crawford family struggles did not end there. “We have a regular play date at the park,” said Crawford. “Obviously, that play date was washed away, and we were forced to stay inside. I ended up having to color and play with Play-Doh. It was pretty trying in our house.” The Crawfords are just one story out of hundreds of Stapleton families who struggled to endure the countless inconveniences that flooded their way due to the incredible amounts of rainfall. Kids had athletic programs canceled, parents couldn’t do their outdoor boot camps, and dogs couldn’t be walked for two days. But, the enduring spirit of the people of Stapleton lives on, and Stapleton residents will quickly get back to their lives as if nothing ever happened. ]]>

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