Swigert School Lottery Winners Proud of Being Lucky

Many residents feel the current school choice system is flawed in many ways, and look forward to a more simple boundaries plan. “We love the school we are in,” said Bill Roberts parent Tyler Muchmore. “We had originally wanted to be at Swigert, but are certainly happy with Roberts. What I am not happy with is how those Swigert parents thumb their noses at everyone. Yes, your kid goes to Swigert, and it is a great school, but it is because you happened to win in the current lottery system. You and your kid didn’t do anything great to deserve to go there.” Indeed, many parents feel that Swigert parents are a little too proud of their “accomplishment.” “Everywhere you look, you see ‘Proud to be a Swigert Parent’ shirts and bumper stickers,” said Westerly Creek Parent Todd Walker. “Your number was drawn out of a hat. Get over it.” Walker compares the Swigert parent entitlement to that of a Colorado native. “It’s just like those Colorado Native stickers. Okay, you were born in Colorado. Way to go. What part of that makes you special? Same as these Swigert parents. Your number came up. Good for you, but stop throwing it in my face.” In lieu of the schools converting to a boundary-based district, some residents are proposing a way to make the lottery more fun. “Why not have it where you purchase Powerball type tickets, and if your number is drawn, you get a choice,” said resident Rob Gavlock. “We could show it on closed-circuit TV. Or why not even have scratch tickets where if the school at the top matches a school scratched below, you must go to that school. At least that way it may more strongly emphasize the luck that is involved in what school your child goes to.” Swigert parents say there is nothing wrong with being proud of their school. “Whether we chose it or not, we support the school where our kids go to school,” says Swigert parent Annie Trainor. “If we are throwing better parties, raising more funds, or being louder and prouder, go ahead and be jealous of that, but don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Most residents already agree that they absolutely hate the current game of the process of choosing a school for their child. ]]>

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