Aurora Mayor Hogan to Stapleton: “No One Should Think They’re Exceptional”

Recently, Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan took exception to comments made by SUN President Mike Victoria, when Victoria said in an interview that, “Stapletonians are exceptional.” “No one should think they are exceptional,” stated a frustrated Hogan in in an interview with The Aurora Sentinel. “What makes Stapletonians any better than anyone else in the Denver Metro area? In particular, we Aurorans certainly are not impressed with Stapletonians. We don’t look up to them, so they certainly should not look down on us.” Victoria made his statement in an interview with The Front Porch which was discussing several issues facing Stapleton, including the recent floods, through streets, and the growing population. “SUN, the MCA, and the City of Denver should use all of its resources to make sure Stapletonians can have the best opportunities available. Stapletonians are exceptional.” A majority of Stapleton residents stand by Victoria’s comments. “We are an exceptional community,” says resident Blair Carman. “We care about our kids more than most people, and we give lots of money to make sure we have better schools and better maintained parks than other places.” Stacey Crum agrees. “Stapletonians are just great people. They are great neighbors, and just overall caring people. Even though most us make a lot of money, we still vote democrat. That should tell you a lot right there about who we are.” Tension has been building for years between the two communities. Most of the tension is in regards to Stapletonians believing all downfalls of the community can be directly related to its proximity to Aurora. Stapletonians blame all property theft on Auorans and the easy-access through streets will only exacerbate this problem. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the thieves and hoodlums are coming from,” said Bradley Straight as he motioned his head towards Aurora. “I would actually feel better about things if they just admitted it.” Aurora Mayor Hogan is not ready to concede anything yet. “Stapleton residents need to understand that we are all in this together,” said Hogan. “They have a very ‘us versus them’ mentality, and that is not what builds strong communities. In fact, I believe the Aurora community is stronger than the Stapleton community will ever be.” And with all of the new laptops, TV’s, gaming systems, etc. heading into Aurora from Stapleton, the Aurora community appears to be getting even stronger. ]]>

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