King Soopers Gas Station Works to Make Direction Arrows More Meaningless

The King Soopers gas station has had several struggles and its fair share of complaints over the years. With the opening of two 711’s, some of the congestion at the King Soopers gas station has subsided, but the organization and wait time still has a lot of work to do. A couple of years ago, King Soopers tried to help with the organization by painting some arrows to help customers getting in and out of the station. Problem is, either people don’t understand how arrows work, or they simply ignore these arrows. “At this point, the arrows have been a pretty big failure,” said King Soopers Manager Gary Stevens. “So, we are just going to have fun with it, and add some more directional signage that people can ignore. There is no hope of fixing the problem at this point, but we can clutter up the area more and cause customers a little more angst and confusion.” “I only go to the King Soopers gas station as a last resort,” says Stapleton resident Kevin Gable. “But, whenever I am up there, I feel like my tank is on empty so I need to get gas right then. Of course, there are cars going every which way, some pumps are closed, and the parking lot comes to a halt with grocery shoppers waiting on those in gas lines. It gets to be quite a mess.” Stevens isn’t looking to solve the problem at this point. “We gave it our best shot with the arrows. I’m really not sure what else we can do. As I said, as a goof, we are going to add signage, but we know that people ignore signage or simply don’t think it applies to them.” The Stapletonion long ago suggested to have some of the pumps “credit card only” so that only a couple of pumps would be for cash payers, but nothing has come of it. “We are considering that,” said Stevens. “But, we will probably let these arrows play themselves out for a couple more years, and then re-look at some solutions.” ]]>

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