New McAuliffe Slogan: “When ‘Meets Expectations’ Just Isn’t Good Enough”

Recently, the 2013 DPS School Performance Framework Scores came out, and not surprising, McAuliffe Middle School passed with flying colors. In fact, McAuliffe is considered “Distinguished” in School Performance Framework, and “Exceeded Expectations” in both the Growth and Parent Satisfaction areas. “We were very pleased to see the scores, but are always looking to improve,” said McAuliffe Principal Vogel. “There are a lot of great schools in Northeast Denver, and it is nice to know that we are the greatest of those great schools.” Principal Vogel and his staff are so confident in their methods and the students that they want to be graded on “College & Career Readiness” which is currently reserved only for high schools. “We know that when our kids leave here, they probably are ready for college and for the workforce,” said Vogel. “At the very least, they could be US Congressmen.” In lieu of the recent scores, McAuliffe decided to capitalize on its momentum. “We wanted to use the scores to our advantage,” said Vogel. “And we are moving to a new building next year, and want to keep up funding and enrollment, so we decided to go with the new slogan. I really think it fits with what we are trying to do.” Other area schools Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek Elementary both scored “Meets Expectations” in the same categories. Stapleton parents of Westerly Creek and Bill Roberts students are already looking into ways to change the scoring system for next year, or see what can be done to change the current scores. “I don’t think the scores are a true representation of our school,” said Westerly Creek parent Sarah Johnson. “I am going to fight this until our score changes to “Exceptional” which is exactly what Westerly Creek is.” McAuliffe officials plan to keep the new slogan provided they keep their ranking. “Obviously, we never want to dip below exceptional,” said Vogel. “In fact, we hope to create an entirely new category above exceptional.” ]]>

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