Stapleton Resident Uses Facebook to Post Pointless Work Tasks

Whether or not you use Facebook, you get the general idea. People can let other people know about their lives and thoughts, and are able to stalk others to find out how their lives are going as well. Typically, personal Facebook users use Facebook for some of the following reasons:

  • Those using Facebook as their personal Hallmark: These users use Facebook to tell close family and friends how much they love them. For example: “Thank you to the greatest wife in the world. Happy anniversary, Becky. Here’s to 15 more years!” or “Happy birthday to the most beautiful three year old in the world. We love you, Charlie.”
  • People letting others know how great their life is: These users make sure to post pictures of their vacations, expensive purchases, and all around fun times with friends. They include job success stories as well as how great their relationships are. Essentially letting others know, “my life is perfect, so you should feel really, really bad about yourself.”
  • Those updating all aspects of their life with an effort for a comedic twist: These users post every hour or so to update mundane details of their lives, almost like they are in a reality show that people care about. They mention their workouts, paying bills, waiting in lines, etc. To feel better about this obsession with believing everyone cares about their lives, they always attempt to make the update funny. Ex: “Just finished a five mile run. Excited to drink those calories right back tonight at The Berkshire!”
Resident Chad Druvenga has recently added a new category: Updating standard daily work tasks. Chad saw the other three types of Facebook users dominating the space and decided a new category needed to be added. “So many people would post things about work,” said Chad. “But none of the work posts I saw painted a true picture of office life. Being at the office rarely is funny, nor does it have self-fulfillment. So, I wanted to give a truer understanding of daily work life than what was being represented on Facebook.” Chad began posting in October, and friends and users are already enjoying his posts. “Of course, they are not interesting or funny,” said Facebook user Mike Gates. “But, I respect them because you know you are in the same boat with someone. I am a realist, and therefore, appreciate his posts.” Other users agree. “Misery loves company,” said Kristen Seery. “I get sick of reading people’s happy-go-lucky positive posts every day, so reading his posts actually make me feel better.” Here are some examples of Chad’s posts:
  • “Just got done responding to angry client email. Had to be nice to them, but didn’t want to.”
  • “Boss just showed up 10 minutes late to meeting he scheduled. I know I am not important, but have a little respect for my time.”
  • “Review time. I have to spend the next four hours reviewing myself which will just go on file, and has no bearing at all on if I will get a raise.”
  • “Just started responding to emails I have been completely ignoring for weeks. I hope there was nothing pressing in there. If there was they would have called, right?”
  • “Every time I log into my system every morning I think to myself, “why am I here?”
Chad plans to continue to make his pointless work posts as long as people are reading them. “If people continue to like them, I will continue to post.” Chad has also started to see others making similar posts. “The idea is that I hopefully started a whole new category. Maybe it is not entertaining, but at least posts like these will let people know they are not alone in the world.” ]]>

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