King Soopers So Nice, We’re Getting it Twice!

Forest City has confirmed to The Stapletonion that King Soopers will be exercising its contractual first right of refusal and will be putting a grocery store in what will eventually be the Eastbridge Town Center. “We are very excited to continue our strong partnership with King Soopers,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “King Soopers has been a great asset to this community, and we know they will build another great store which residents will really appreciate.” Although many residents are happy to finally be getting a town center, some wish other options would have been pursued more strongly. “I know a lot of people including myself were really hoping for a natural grocer,” said Eastbridge resident Angela Hill. “I don’t understand why we couldn’t get a different grocer, preferably an all-natural grocer, and why did it take so long? Seems a little shady to me.” Resident Zac Dean agrees. “If all along King Soopers knew they would use their first right of refusal, why not build it six years ago? Were they literally waiting for just the right time to swoop in and be (expletive) to another store and the community?” Dargossi tried to explain the timing of it. “Well, we like that Bluff Lake is getting built out, so that should be better for store traffic. Plus, I am sure there were other factors as well.” King Soopers issued the following statement: “We are very excited to be building another store in the Stapleton community. Stapleton residents clearly want us in their newly announced town center. We look forward to continuing to serve Stapleton residents.” With King Soopers recent commitment, other stores will now be clamoring to get into the Eastbridge Town Center, and there will be no shortage of demands from Stapleton residents. “I really hope they don’t put a gas station there,” said resident Josh Jenkins. “It would have been great a while ago, but now with two 711s, it’s really not necessary.” Others are hoping for another liquor store. “I know we already have two great liquor stores here,” said Liam Royal. “But I just hate crossing over Central Park Blvd. It just adds two to three minutes on to the drive, and I am very busy as it is.” There is no set date at this point as to when King Soopers will break ground in the new location, but complaints are expected to begin immediately. “We have already created a FB group and sent out a poll,” said Hill. “After that, it is really up to Forest City to listen to the residents, which I am sure they will do.” ]]>

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