Stapleton Moms Costume Black Market Hurting Halloween City

Halloween City located in Northfield is used to getting lots of traffic and selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in Halloween decorations, party favors, and costumes. But this year, business has been considerably slower. “We have been getting the foot traffic, but not the purchases,” said Halloween City store manager Mike Huisman. “We are thinking about charging a cover,” joked Mike. “People are walking in, looking around for an hour, and then just buying some cheap stickers or something.” What seems to be happening for Stapleton residents is that they are going to Halloween City to get ideas, and then are posting on Stapleton Moms Yahoo! Group to see if they can find the items at 20% of the cost. “I took the kids there and looked around for about an hour,” said local mom Joanna Potter. “Then, I posted the costumes we wanted on Stapleton Moms and got everything I was looking for for $30. It was going to cost me $120 at Halloween City.” Target has also noticed a dip in its Halloween Costume sales. “They are definitely not as high as they have been in the past,” said Target store manager Anthony Lair. “From our perspective, we will just need to stock smarter next year.” The problem isn’t as simple for Halloween City. “Obviously, we count on having a great season,” said Huisman. “So, this does really affect our business. Maybe we need to stop stocking items that last for more than a year.” For Stapleton residents, Stapleton Moms black market for Halloween costumes has been great. “Why would I buy a brand new one?” asks Stapleton mom Cathy Royal. “The kids just want the costumes. They don’t care if they are used or not.” ]]>

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