Beer Garden Coming to Stapleton? We Might Just Have a Drinking Problem

Three Stapleton business partners have been working together and with the community for over a year developing a plan to build a beer garden in the yet to be developed Eastbridge town center. The partners say the idea is to build a “family-friendly beer garden with flair.” The company’s web site, mentions the following niceties:

  • Management and Menu by Denver’s Leading Restauranteur
  • Extensive Indoor and Outdoor Space featuring a Rooftop Deck, Orchard and Brewery
  • Family Dining Atmosphere: Comfortable, Affordable and Fun
  • Versatile Event Space
  • Community Focused Initiatives
  • What is not included on the web site is a timeline for the project other than “Coming Soon”. Forest City would not comment on their thoughts of getting the beer garden into the Eastbridge town center other than to say that an anchor store must be in the town center before moving forward with anything else. For more on the specifics of the story, pick up a copy of the November Front Porch, or click here to view the article online. The most obvious concern with this concept is that there is no timetable, and because it is tied directly to getting a grocer into the Eastbridge town center, the project currently resides much more in fantasy than in reality. The other concern about the project is more of a social concern. Simply put, are Stapleton residents a little too focused on alcohol? There are two quality liquor stores in Stapleton, plus others nearby as well as several bars and restaurants including The Berkshire, and recently a craft beer place, Stapleton Tap House, opened as well. Stapleton also boasts “Wine on Wednesdays” and hosts the Stapleton Beer Festival. There are several wine clubs in Stapleton, and I personally know of at least one resident that has a keg-o-rator. So, does Stapleton have a drinking problem? Probably. But, the stress of living in Stapleton may cause even the most devout of Mormons to turn to the bottle. High-stress jobs, keeping up with the Joneses, staying involved with the kids, and women having to compete with other hot moms are just a handful of things residents must contend with. So, fellow Stapletonians, don’t feel guilty if you need to have a drink every now and again…and again…and again. ]]>

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