Christo's “Over the Creek” Approved by Forest City

Stapleton master developer Forest City recently announced that world-renowned artist Christo will begin work on a long-anticipated “Over the Creek” art project in Stapleton. The plan involves suspending silvery, luminous panels of fabric over north Westerly Creek and Sand Creek, and should be completed by spring of 2014. “We’re so excited that this artist of such groundbreaking works in Berlin and New York City has accepted our offer to use Westerly Creek and Sand Creek as his next project,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We think that this project will be a win-win for Christo, Forest City and residents of Denver and Stapleton for beautifying an area that has been ignored far too long.” Refusing to elaborate, Ayers may have been referring to a long-standing dispute over the clean-up and redevelopment of the north Westerly Creek/Sand Creek confluence. Christo previously wrapped the German Reichstag building in Berlin in fabric, and installed “The Gates” in New York City’s Central Park. Christo’s most recent efforts have involved attempting to cover portions of the Arkansas River in central Colorado with his fabric art panels, however that project has been delayed by environmental concerns. “There’s really no environmental impact with Westerly Creek at all” said Christo. “It looked a trash dump to me, so anything I do there will be an improvement. In fact, I’ll probably incorporate some of the old metal fence posts that stick out of the ground as supports for the fabric.” Rumors that Forest City paid Christo a commission of over $1 million have already raised eyebrows among some Stapleton residents. Forest City responds that–unlike Christo’s previous works that were only temporary installations of fabric at famous landmarks—the Westerly Creek project will be permanent, and thus justify the price tag. “Forest City felt that Christo’s proposal was a good value. We can keep this eyesore covered for a long time with his fabric-whatever thingies” said Ayers. “Besides, we’re really focused on developing Northfield right now, and we think Christo’s art could distract—strike that, I meant entertain–the Stapleton residents for quite a while.” In an act of community involvement, Christo and Forest City will have a contest to name the new Westerly Creek project. “We want a name that places Stapleton on par with famous cities like Berlin and New York, where Christo’s previous masterpieces were constructed”, said Ayers. Christo added, “I don’t give a rat’s ass what they call it; I’ve got three warehouses in Pueblo full of fabric. Let’s just get’er done.” ]]>

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