DPS: “Stapleton Won’t Have Busing; Parents Should Consider Uber”

UberMany times, people forget that Denver Public Schools is responsible for educating kids, but has no experience in logistics. They are not UPS, IBM, or Amazon.com. From their own mission statement, nothing speaks to their ability to be innovative or efficient. “We will lead the nation’s cities in student achievement, high school graduation, college preparation, and college matriculation. Our students will be well prepared for success in life, work, civic responsibility, and higher education.” So, when DPS was faced with the challenging busing issue that faced Stapleton, they did what the Bobs from Office Space would have done and went ahead and “fixed the glitch.” DPS has a rule where kids must be over a mile outside of a proximity zone to be considered for busing. Instead of dealing with the potential issue of figuring out how many buses Stapleton would need, what these routes would be, where pick-ups and drop-offs would be, etc., DPS used the simplest solution. They eliminated the need for buses altogether. “When creating the proximity zones, we felt that we could make reasonable boundaries for each school, and not have any of the boundaries further than one mile from the respective school,” said Boasberg. “From our perspective, it completely eliminates regular busing, except for the possible socioeconomic busing.” Stapleton residents hoping to take advantage of the busing are very disappointed. “I can’t have my five year old walking a mile to school,” said resident Kelly Rudee. “Not having a busing option costs us another 30 minutes before school and after school, or we can pay to drop off early and have late. It seems like they at least would have run some numbers on this to see if it was solvable.” According to Boasberg, no one was put in charge of seeing if there were other options to keep busing available in Stapleton. “Once we thought of this simple solution, we kind of put the whole busing thing to rest,” said Boasberg. “A lot of people here aren’t great with maps or Excel, so why create headaches when they aren’t needed. Boasberg did have a helpful suggestion for those needing transportation to and from school for their children. “Stapleton families should really consider Uber. They are just as inexpensive as a cab ride, but they get there quickly, and your kids will feel right at home in the back of the high quality automobiles they ride in.” ]]>

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