Lululemon CEO to Stapleton: “We’re Cool, Right?”

lululemonThe popular yoga pants company Lululemon recently came under fire when its CEO Chip Wilson made some comments that hinted that not all women’s bodies are made for yoga pants. Although his comments are probably correct, the same way that not all men’s bodies are made for tight Under Armor shirts, Wilson is in hot water. “’I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m sad for the repercussions of my actions,” said Wilson. This non-apology has not helped Wilson’s cause much. Public outrage has caused slower sales, and Wilson has been forced to go on tour making apologies on several different shows and networks. Not surprisingly, Wilson’s first stop was the Stapleton community in Denver. For its population, Stapleton over-indexes the highest of any community for number of yoga pants purchased, how often yoga pants are worn, and how much money is spent on yoga pants in a year. In fact, it is estimated that Stapleton residents as a whole will have spent more than $1.2 million on yoga pants in 2013, and that the average woman in Stapleton will have worn yoga pants 4.3 times per week. “These are huge numbers,” says industry analyst Rob Fecht. The second highest neighborhood for wearing yoga pants is at 2.6.” Wilson contacted the Stapleton MCA and arranged to speak to the yoga pant-wearing Stapleton community. “We thought it was a great opportunity for Stapleton residents to understand what Wilson was thinking,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “So, we had a ‘town hall’ sort of meeting and I think things went pretty well.” The meeting was held on the basketball courts at the Central Park rec Center in Stapleton. “We originally were going to have it at the MCA, but we had way too big of a response, so we moved it to Central Park. About 3,600 people attended.” Wilson made some brief comments prior to taking questions. “Again, I am so sorry that my statement was misunderstood,” said Wilson. “It has hurt a lot of people, most of all my wallet. So, first and foremost, my apology goes out to my wallet. And, I think some other people were offended or affected as well, but I can’t really remember.” Stapleton residents were then allowed to ask questions. Most of the questions centered on what the next line of Yoga pants were going to be like, if he had some with him, and if they could receive discounts. Wilson did not disappoint. All of the women received a free pair of Lululemon yoga pants. “I’m not really sure why I was supposed to be mad at him in the first place,” said hot mom and resident Andrea McGovern. “But hey, free yoga pants.” Stapleton, it looks like we may have just bumped that average up to 5.3 times a week for 2014. ]]>

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