Stapleton Dad Planning to “Redshirt” Kids

red-shirtStapleton dad Chris Ott has a three year old and a one year, and is in no hurry to ship them off to school. “My daughter (3) is a September birthday, and my son (1) is an August birthday,” said Ott. “So, I plan to hold them back a year before sending them to school.” Neither of the kids is behind developmentally, and in fact, the three year old is very tall. Ott simply sees no reason no push the kids forward given the advantages they can have by holding them back. “I know there are some disadvantages,” said Ott. “Maybe their friends will start school a year earlier and they will miss out on that, and obviously, school is a lot cheaper than child care. But, I just see way too many advantages in holding them back before they start school.” Ott says that he likes the idea of them being a year more mature, a year smarter, and being older in the class. He also mentions “if you hold them back before they enter school, you will probably never have to worry about doing it while they are in school.” He admits, however, that most of his reasons are for athletic purposes. “I feel that not holding them back would be robbing them of an opportunity they had no choice in,” said Ott. “I don’t want them to be young on their team in high school and wish they had another year. Being older in your class for sports carries with it a number of advantages, just read Outliers.” Ott admits that redshirting your kids isn’t for everyone. “If you really don’t care about sports, it’s probably not that important. “In our household, sports are the number one priority, with school and social well-being both distant seconds.” Time will tell if Ott’s decision will be worthwhile. The Stapletonion plans to do a “Where Are They Now” article on Ott’s kids in 17 years to see how many state titles they won for Stapleton High School and if they both receive college scholarships. ]]>

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