Stapleton HOA Takes Drastic Steps to Prohibit Children

MCA banning kidsOne Stapleton home owner association recently changed their rules to prohibit families with children. Fed up with all the noise and lawn clutter associated with children in the neighborhood, Stapleton HOA 1 are now forcing families with children younger than 12 to either get rid of their children or move outside the association. Heather Myszka, a current resident of the association said the rule changes couldn’t come soon enough. “I’m tired of hearing those brats scream and carrying on. Oh, and their stupid sidewalk chalk art is annoying”, said Myszka. A retired school teacher, Myszka has been a Stapleton resident since 2005. Myszka went on to say that the three kids next door to her well-kept front yard are always leaving their scooters and toys on the sidewalk, creating a safety hazard. “Back in my day, children were always seen and not ever heard,” Myszka said. A relatively new resident, Brad Kamienski and his wife Cindy, have mixed feelings with the new rules. Currently, the Kamienski’s do not have children but hope to start a family soon. They understand that there a lot children in the neighborhood but think the new rules go too far. “Maybe we can compromise by still allowing children but just not let them outside except when they are going to and from school”, Kamienski said. When reached for comment, the association board president Toby Buenger reportedly stated, “That’s the rule. Live with it.” When asked why the association chose 12 years old as the cut off, Buenger explained “Once you reach 13 you just hide in your room, texting or twerking or whatever kids do these days. We had to take action because too many kids were running wild at all hours of the day while the parents are basically ignoring them.” Another vocal supporter of the new rules is Andy Moran, a retired mechanical engineer. He moved into the association two years ago after living in California for most of his career. He commented that he welcomes the new rule change. “Those pesky kids are always playing near my yard. I am tired of telling them to stay off my lawn.” Moran continued, “When I have my my windows open, the neighbor kids are yelling so loud I can hardly hear Judge Judy on the television.” Effective January 1, 2014, families in the association will have six months to either move, send their kids to their grandparents, or face steep fines and eventually lose their homes. ]]>

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  1. This wont last. I don’t foresee a court in the country that would side with the HOA, start the timer on the suit being filed.

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