Catwalk Finally Installed at Aviator

As a mother of four, Mrs. Clinton, like many residents, was concerned that their hard work and money were going unnoticed. Although the Stapleton pools are great source of entertainment for children to play and splash around, they also serve a vital role in allowing Stapleton residents to showcase their attributes. Pool manager Mark Goodman commented “the catwalk will allow patrons a safe and effective area to showcase themselves, while improving traffic flow, thus allowing the lifeguards to better perform their duties.” The catwalk will be officially unveiled over July 4th weekend, but many residents are already eager for its implementation. As Stapleton father Rick Wells states, “I used to begrudgingly agree to take my two sons to the pool, but with the newly installed catwalk, I plan to be there as often as I can.” Those kind of comments are exactly what MCA president Goodman wants to hear. “Any time we can provide a neighborhood amenity that increases parent involvement with their children, then its a win/win for everyone.”  ]]>

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