Black Northfield Santa Just as Exciting as White Santas to Kids

Black SantaThere has been a lot of talk recently about the origin, and therefore, color of Santa Claus. Most of the firestorm was caused by highly respected FOX “News” Anchor Megyn Kelly when she emphatically told her late-night audience of young viewers that, “by the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white.” Kelly would go on to say that Middle-Eastern born Jesus of Nazareth was also white, and “that’s a fact.” Many scientists disagree with the last assertion, including scientific historian Becky Lyle. “We cannot say how dark Jesus was, but we can assume he wasn’t that white,” said Lyle. “Like Michael Jackson, he probably got whiter with time, mostly to appease the Anglos when Christianity was spreading.” The concern with having a black Santa for many people is not with race, but with consistency. “If my kids see Santa as a jolly white guy in all the books and TV shows, and all of the sudden, a black Santa is introduced, how will this affect them?” said Stapleton parent Mike Clifford. “Obviously, it doesn’t bother me, but I just don’t know how it will affect the kids.” Some other parents agreed. “I guess it’s probably just getting used to it,” said resident Fred Seery. “But, will this have a drastic effect on their lives? I would think not.” For the second year in a row, Northfield hired a black Santa (not in urban dictionary). The Santa is outside of the movie theater, and just like every other Santa, kids can go sit on his lap and let Santa know what they want for Christmas. “It has been great again this year,” said Northfield Mall events director Tara Potter. “We have had even more kids go up for pictures, and parents seem to be less reluctant than a year ago. Obviously, the kids never had a problem.” After speaking to the children, it is clear the kids were more excited about Santa after seeing the Northfield Santa than they were before. “I told him all the presents I wanted,” said six year old Dan McCracken. “I can’t wait for Christmas. I love Santa!” Another child agreed even after being pressed on the color of Santa’s skin. “I didn’t really notice,” said seven year old Ashley Marion. “As long as it’s Santa and he’s bringing me presents, why would it matter to me what he looks like?” There will always be some disagreement and debate on whether Santa should be portrayed as a specific color. But, we can all agree it’s more dangerous for kids to see Megyn Kelly posing as a news anchor than it is for them to see a black Santa. ]]>

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