Oddly Placed Turn Lane Has Residents Asking, “WTF?"

arrow-at-fultonThere was a lot of push back on the through streets leading up to their completion, but the truth is, there has not been much of a negative impact on Stapleton residents. In fact, the streets have probably led to more conveniences than inconveniences for residents. “It probably takes 10 minutes off my drive to work,” says resident John Carman. “And I know lots of people that kind of secretly like them.” Even the Havana through street has not caused much of an increase in Aurora traffic. Apparently, the ones that ignored the sign all those times are still the only ones using it. Plus, with the school boundary issue and still no movement on a town center, residents have moved well passed complaining about the through streets. Or have they? As you drive on 26th and approach Fulton, you will see a large left turn arrow in the lane you are in. If you are not turning left, which the majority of drivers there are not, you must violently swerve your vehicle to get into the non-turn lane which would naturally seem more like a right turn lane. “It is really messed up,” said resident Stew Miller. “It just doesn’t make any sense. Every time I pass by it, I think, ‘what the f*ck?” Other residents agree. “Do they really think traffic is going to be so busy there that they need a left turn sign,” asks Jessica LaPedis. “I mean, what the f*ck?” Denver traffic engineers don’t have a reasonable answer for the situation. “Well, it just seemed like a lot of pavement without any signage,” said engineer Paul Rudee. “And, we had the paint, so we thought, ‘hey, what the f*ck, let’s paint a giant left turn arrow here.’” Engineers agree that the arrow is probably pointless, however they will not change the arrow until it causes problems and not just inconveniences. ]]>

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