Families Put Away Xmas Lights Knowing they Mysteriously Won’t Work Next Year

putting christmas lights awayNow that the Holidays are over, Stapleton residents are busy taking down their Christmas lights and decorations. Parents hurry to make sure they get the tree down in time to put it out for recycling (which is this week). The frustrating part for people is knowing they will have to replace all of the lights they are packing this year. “Every year, we unpack the lights, and for some reason, they don’t work,” said resident Bryan Carman. “The tree lights, the lights we put on the house, all of it. So, we end up buying brand new ones at Target every year. But, I still pack them with the hope they will work the next year.” Other residents share similar experiences. “I have even tried to buy brand new ones heavily discounted right after the holidays,” said Lisa Becker. “I pack those away, and when the next year comes, those aren’t working either. It’s pretty annoying.” Another thing that often happens to residents is some of the lights will work and some won’t. “The worst thing that can happen is that only some of your lights work,” said David Wolf. “Then, instead of just buying a bunch of new lights, you spend hours trying to match a very specific white. How in the hell can there be that many shades of white? Just pisses me off.” Most Christmas lights don’t come with any warranties, and they are cheap enough people don’t return them. “This is the last year I am packing these things,” said Wolf. “Next year, I am just giving myself a reminder that I need to just throw them out, and start over the next year. It is a new year, after all.” Not bad advice for residents tormented with this every holiday season. ]]>

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