Kids Back to School After What Seemed Like Forever

back to schoolStapleton’s Denver Public School kids went back to school yesterday after what felt like a very long time away for parents. “Jesus, do kids ever go to school anymore?” exclaimed frustrated resident Katie Miller. “There are many families that have two working parents and no nanny in Stapleton. When we have to go back to work, we have to figure out what to do with these kids, and not everyone can work from home.” Miller is frustrated that her and her husband Tom end up having to take time off to stay home and watch the kids. “We have to take time off work in January. Who wants to do that? It just sucks.” DPS kids don’t just appear to have been out of school a long time, they have been out of school a long time. In fact, of the last 31 week days, kids have only been to school 15 days. More than likely, a handful of those days were also half days, not to mention kids staying home sick. On top of that, there has been school Christmas parties and concerts, all of which have created a living hell for parents. “We’re trying to get Christmas ready, dealing with relatives, and then we have our kids around,” said Stapleton resident Jim Tisdale. “Why can’t the school take them just a few more days? I think as a community we need to start focusing on that instead of boundaries. Who gives a crap about boundaries? Just keep my kids a few more days of the year and give them some book-learnin’.” DPS says that its break policy is fairly consistent with districts across the state and the country. “Most schools give kids this break during the year,” said Superintendent Tara Seery. “It gives the kids a little break, and for families that travel, gives them a chance to make plans and enjoy family.” That may be the case, but some Stapleton residents still aren’t buying it. “I’m all for a little break around Christmas,” said Amy Myska. “But, 16 days in late November, December, and January? It’s just a little much, and makes it really hard for some people to manage child care.” In the end, parents are just happy it is over, and kids are back to school. “Finally, back to the routine,” said Miller. “Of course, I know there is MLK Day, President’s Day, and spring break coming up fast, but for now, a little normalcy.” ]]>

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