Block Captain Meetings Heavily Attended After Committee Agrees to Allow Cannabis

cannabis at block captain meetingsUnless you have been living underground for the last month, you are aware that marijuana is now legal in Colorado. Due to this more than relaxed stance on the previously illegal drug, society is already viewing marijuana use in a different way. “I’m not in to smoking (weed), but if it’s legal, it’s legal,” said Stapleton resident Rose Westerberg. “If that’s what people choose to do, I have no problem with it.” Many Stapleton residents share that opinion, including SUN President Mike Victoria. “If the state government doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, neither should we,” said Victoria. “So, at our last SUN and Block Captain meeting, we put it on the table. Should we allow people to get high during the meetings?” Victoria said that there was some push back as to people getting high, mostly in regards to creating a slippery slope. “People worried that we would have to allow alcohol and then possibly cigarettes. But, we talked through it and feel we came up with a good compromise.” The rules for the use of cannabis are outlined on the SUN website. Essentially, you can bring in whatever you want, can share if you like, but you cannot smoke anything, unless you are outside during break. “It will also be a fun social way for people to exchange recipes and treats,” said Victoria. The first cannabis SUN-Block Captain meeting was last Monday (1/12), and everything seemed to go very well. “First of all, we had a huge turnout,” said Victoria. “The more we can get the community involved in decision-making, the better.” Victoria noticed other benefits as well. “I found that people were more agreeable. When there were arguments, people were able to look at different perspectives instead of just their own, and actual compromise was made.” Attendees also noticed some improvements with the meetings. “The meetings can sometimes get boring and long,” said block captain Mariah Hayne. “So, people get up and leave in the middle of it. During this one, no one left early, and people stayed somewhat engaged and offered honest, thoughtful feedback on items.” The next SUN-Block Captain meeting is scheduled for February 18th, and residents are encouraged to attend and bring their favorite cannabis treat. ]]>

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