Pornographic Graffiti on Greenway Offensive Mostly Because It’s Crappy

graffitiStapleton recently became a victim of graffiti on the Greenway. Perpetrators wrote several tasteless words and phrases along with poorly drawn male and female genitalia. “It was pretty disgusting,” said resident Jane Haugen. “I mean, they weren’t even close to getting it right. If you’re going to do graffiti, understand there is some art involved. This looked like some high school sophomores who had never taken an art class just grabbed some spray paint, closed their eyes, and painted. I find their efforts here pretty repulsive.” Other residents agree. “Listen, you aren’t in Aurora anymore,” resident Brian Asbee reminded the anonymous starving artists. “If you’re going to come at Stapleton with your graffiti, it better be the best. I don’t care if it’s semi-pornographic graffiti, just make it good. The garbage they displayed on the Greenway is reprehensible. If we’re going to have graffiti in Stapleton, it better be done by Banksy.” The MCA and Forest City are already hard at work to clean up the waste of good spray paint. “If we see poor graffiti, it has got to go immediately,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “If you leave crappy graffiti around, it sends the message that Stapleton is okay with crappy graffiti. I don’t think residents have been this upset since those kids were drawing all that ‘art’ with chalk.” Residents are asked to be vigilant if they see people defacing sidewalks or structures in open space. “People need to make sure they are keeping their eyes open when they are out and about on the open space,” said Kampsta. “If they see someone attempting to deface Stapleton property, make sure they are doing it with effort, and are creating something special. We just can’t have people half-ass spraying paint all over the place.” ]]>

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