Study: 46% of Stapleton Women Get Hair Cut by Same Stylist

same hair stylistsIf you have ever taken a stroll around Stapleton, spent time in the town center, or attended a school giving party, you may have noticed something a little eerie. Many of the Stapleton women look very much alike. Of course, a lot of these women are hot so, there’s that. And, many dress similar, right down to the brand of yoga pants. But there is more than that. “I was at a Swigert giving party, and I was looking around thinking all these women looked the same,” said resident Molly Gable. “Sure, they all had good fashion sense, and did a lot of their shopping at the Nordstrom Rack, but it was more than that. Then, it hit me. Their hair all looks exactly alike.” Molly even did her own test asking women where they get their hair done, and inevitably, many used the same stylist. “It was incredible. And it wasn’t like it was someone right around here,” said Molly. “People were driving to the Tech Center to get their hair done by the same lady.” Although unscientific, Molly’s study proves to be accurate. In a recent study conducted by Forest City, it was found that almost half of Stapleton women get their hair cut by the same person, and another 18% go to another stylist. Essentially, almost two-thirds of Stapleton women get their hair cut by two stylists. “The study was meant to look at a series of different things in Stapleton,” said head researcher for the project Nathan Carlson. “We were looking for diversity data, opinions on what shops people would like to see in the neighborhood, and other opinions about Stapleton which Forest City wants to use to help continue to market the community. There was a lot of interesting data, but the hair cut info was pretty shocking, and quite odd.” So, if you have ever waved to a mom in the neighborhood because you thought you knew her only to realize moments later that you did not, don’t feel bad. This has probably happened to two–thirds of Stapleton residents. ]]>

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