Stapleton Bake Sale to Help Pay for High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

bake saleWhen DPS announced the budget shortfall for the soon to be built high school in Stapleton, the ripples spread quickly through the community. It wasn’t long before community members were demanding meetings and looking for solutions. “We live in a very proactive community,” said Kimberly Gaies. “Plus, people here want to be very involved in their children’s educations. It’s only natural that when DPS drops a bombshell like this people, get up in arms.” Stapleton residents are already organizing and working towards next steps to figure out a solution. “It’s great how quickly people in this community come together,” said Gaies. “With the efforts and energy of the people here, something will be figured out before the school is slated to open. What concerns me is that there is a more urgent issue falling through the cracks. The school isn’t supposed to be completed for a year, but the groundbreaking is in one month. Where are they getting the money for the groundbreaking ceremony? It needs to be done right. It is, after all, the first sign of the new school.” DPS officials admitted that the groundbreaking ceremony is short on money as well. “We kind of underestimated our needs for the opening ceremony so to speak,” said DPS official Mike Farrell. “We had to use some of that budget for another ceremony, and now, we are short about $3500.” Farrell said that most people don’t understand that these fancy ceremonies come with a price tag. “There are permits for closing streets off, paying off-duty police officers, coffee, bagels, donuts, giant ribbon, seating, shade tents, work crew, and even a new shovel. These things all cost money, and right now, Stapleton is not set to get the kind of groundbreaking ceremony it deserves.” Gaies decided this was not acceptable. “I want this to be the best DPS groundbreaking ever,” said Gaies. “Anything less will not be tolerated.” Gaies has mobilized a group of residents to fill the budget gap to make sure the ceremony is successful. “We are essentially having a big bake sale March 12th and 13th at the MCA community room. We are encouraging people to come out and buy some locally baked items to help support our fundraising efforts.” If residents have an interest in baking an item, they can contact Gaies as well. Gaies expects the sale will close the $3500 budget gap. “We are expecting to go above and beyond the money needed for the ceremony,” said Gaies. “But, that is expected. We are Stapleton, and that’s what we do. Go above and beyond.” ]]>

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