2014 Poll: Divorcees Second Most Hated Group by Stapletonians; Aurorans First

most-hatedPoll results confirmed what a recent Front Porch article already alluded to: Stapletonians hate divorced people. In fact, in that poll, divorcees were second (64%) only to Aurorans (88%) on the “most hated by Stapletonians” list. The poll listed several different potential groups who Stapletonians may hate. Multiple responses were allowed, and over 3,000 Stapleton residents completed the poll, which was conducted by Denver University in partnership with the Stapleton MCA. “Neighborhoods like Stapleton are not completely unique,” says lead researcher Eric Miller. “However, they are very interesting case studies in that they are almost quarantined off from the rest of civilization, causing unreal expectations as well as often judgmental attitudes towards those different from them.” Miller said this small study is just the beginning of a larger nationwide study aimed to look at how people develop bias or stereotypes. “By understanding where these attitudes begin, we can look to find ways to curb them.” The hate of divorcees is in large part due to the Stapleton residents’ backgrounds themselves. “Almost 97% of Stapleton residents came from families whose parents were not divorced,” says Miller. “And, 87% never had a friend growing up who had parents who were divorced. Lack of exposure leads to misunderstanding, and misunderstanding leads to judgment, and judgment leads to hate.” Miller says that the lack of exposure isn’t all residents’ faults. “You have to understand that divorces really haven’t been around that long,” says Miller. “According to Dr. Leaky, man has been around about one million years. Maryland was the first state to allow divorce, and that wasn’t until 1701, so in the span of time, it’s like yesterday. I am sure a lot of people share a bias against divorced people, just maybe not to the level that Stapletonians have.” Miller says that even in perfect Stapleton with perfect people, there are still bound to be divorces. “The median length for a marriage is 11 years. Stapleton is now over 11 years old, so they are bound to see some divorces, even if it not at the national clip of 50%.” Aurorans were the clear number one hated people by Stapletonians, and number two Divorcees were followed by Single People (51%). Also included in the poll were Married People Without Kids (39%) and Seattle Seahawks (22%). ]]>

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