Longboard Camp to Help Stapleton Dads Not Look Like Posers

longboardWe have all seen them. The dozens of Stapleton dads skating around Stapleton with their kids, but often even without their kids. Some take to it pretty smoothly, but others appear pretty dorky while awkwardly pushing around their longboard. “We have several of the dads in our hood messing around with skateboards,” says resident Kathy Hanson. “I guess it is some sort of mid-life crisis. I guess it’s better than having an affair with a 25 year old or buying a red convertible, but it is still pretty obnoxious.” Due to the large number of longboarders in Stapleton, Ryan Walker, a longtime longboarder, has decided to run a camp in Stapleton for the dads attempting to look cool. “We are providing the newbies to the sport an opportunity to do it the right way,” says coach Walker. “If you’re going to do something, you want to do it right. Whether or not you should be doing it in the first place is inconsequential. Why you’re doing it also doesn’t matter. What matters, is doing it the best you can.” Walker says there is very little danger in longboarding except for looking like a poser. “The worst thing you can do is look like you are trying too hard,” said Walker. “Being cool is a state of mind, and that is one of the things we focus on. We focus on spiritual well-being.” Walker says aside from a good attitude and self-confidence, there are things he looks for in a longboarder. “We want to see guys pushing off with a long stride. When you get going, give me a good confident lean back with a cool almost grin on your face. Not happy, but kind of coy, like you know something no one else does.” The camp begins April 5th, and will be every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7PM for eight weeks. After the program, the dads will all board to the Berkshire to talk about their glory days. “Hopefully, this will help these dads look cooler than they currently do,” said Walker. “If not, hey, we gave it a shot, didn’t we?”]]>

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