New Architectural Plans to Make Isabella Bird 3rd Largest Building in Denver

Isabella BirdThe Isabella Bird School will be ready for operation this coming fall, but that doesn’t mean construction will be completed. “We are continuing to build up and add on,” said project manager Eric Kesti.” “By the time the school is finished, it will be larger than the Wells Fargo Center (cash register building) and the Four Seasons Hotel, and just a little smaller than Republic Plaza and 1801 California St.” Originally, DPS decided to add enough room for 5th graders. “When we looked at the plot of land and where the structure was at, we decided, ‘why stop there?’” said DPS official Kyle Clark. “The building and area had the infrastructure to hold more, so we decided to add some more space.” In fact, Isabella Bird will eventually be able to hold a junior high and will also have several floors of office space. The design team even made sure the school was big enough to house the high school in case things don’t work out with the current design. “We are very pleased with where things are going,” said Isabella Bird Principal Sue Ackerman. “Leasing office space will add huge dollars to the schools budget, and you can never have too much space for the school.” Getting around may be a little more challenging for the students and staff however. “We will have a series of colors and numbers in the hallways and by the elevators so that kids will understand where to go after a short time,” said Ackerman. “Plus, we will have bellman in all the elevators as well as hall monitors to make sure people are in the right area of the building. In fact, we already have seven golf carts like they do at the airport to get kids back to the appropriate area quickly if necessary.” Parents should not be concerned about the future office traffic. “Office employees will have their own unique doors to enter through,” said Kesti. “They will have to have a badge to get in, and the kids will never see them. They won’t even know they are there.” 2014-15 will be a big year for the new elementary school, but it appears even bigger years are to come. ]]>

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