Stapleton Mom Puts Child’s ECE Spot Up on Ebay

ebayPioneering Stapleton mom Kate Ott has put her child’s ECE-3 spot at Swigert up for sale on the popular auction site Ebay. Last week, after DPS released who got into which schools as well as the waiting lists, the entrepreneurial Stapleton mom decided that her child does not absolutely need the spot, and that some money can be made. “We already had a back-up plan in case we didn’t get into the Swigert ECE-3 spot,” said Ott. “I told some friends that we got into Swigert, and a bunch of friends exclaimed to me how lucky I was. It got me to thinking, how lucky?” Ott logged into her Ebay account, posted the spot with a minimum bid of $2500, and then let the wolves on the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! site know so the bidding could begin. “Within an hour, it was up to $4200,” said Ott. “I love seeing a message come through my phone every time the bid increases. It is so exciting.” “Ott says the auction is expected to close at the end of April. “That last 24 hours of bidding is going to be crazy. We are thrilled with the response. We have so many ideas of how we are going to use the money.” Ott says they have not decided for sure what they will do with the extra cash, but there are a few things they are looking into. “What we should do is invest that money for our child for college since she’s really the one who earned it,” said Ott. “But, we are also looking at some remodeling, and maybe even a vacation, kind of a get-a-way for me and my husband. However we use it, this entire experience has been worth it.” Some moms have questioned the legitimacy of the auction. “I’m not sure she can even do that,” says local mom Brenda Stevens. “Either it is not going to be legit, or she is a genius, but at the same time has opened Pandora’s box. I mean, if this works, someone is going to start some sort of DPS scalping site which will allow you to purchase the guaranteed spots of others. Hell, I’m going to start working on it now.” No matter which way this bizarre story ends, every eye in the community will be watching it. Next year, it is possible that Stapleton residents will be buying, selling, and trading spots to all the Stapleton Denver Public Schools. But, that may not be any worse than the current system. ]]>

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