High School Update: Is Phase 1 Enough, or Should it Be 1.5 or 1.99?

stapleton high school phasesThe budget issues for the new Stapleton High School have become a major priority for Stapleton residents. Such a priority that residents have come together to help move the project forward more quickly. “DPS was not making the appropriate contingency plan, so we had too,” said Kate Bolsem. “What we are proposing is using some of the contingency fund built in from the original bond meant for all the bond projects to make sure our project gets done first and foremost,” said Bolsem. “Then, when the Stapleton High School is completed to our satisfaction, the remainder of that contingency fund can be used for any of the other projects where necessary. It just makes sense.” The plan most certainly makes sense to Stapleton residents. “This school is the reason I voted for that bond in the first place,” says Luke Wolf. “Hell, I don’t even know what else was included.” Amanda Albertson agrees. “A high school is about educating kids. Is there anything else on that bond about educating kids? Seriously, I’m asking, I don’t know.” The school is such a priority to Stapleton residents, many feel Phase 1.5 just isn’t enough.” “There’s something about Phase 1.5 that makes me feel like we’d only be halfway to phase 2,” said concerned resident Jason Walker. “We can do more. So, some of us put together an alternative to Phase 1.5, which we are calling Phase 1.99. Basically, it is a completed Phase 2 without the shrubbery around the school. We can always put that in later,” says Walker. Walker is unsure where the money will come from to complete Phase 1.99, but has confidence it will happen. “I mean, there are a lot of white voters in Stapleton,” says Walker. Have you seen the response to a smoke detector going off here? Ten fire trucks show up immediately. This school issue is a fire waiting to happen. You don’t think some politicians will get together to figure out how to throw money at the Stapleton voters? Phase 1.99 will happen.” DPS officials are adamant the current plans will remain. “With all due respect to Stapleton residents, we put a lot of time and careful thought into this roll out,” said DPS Superintendent Boasberg. “They are really taking high-maintenance to a new level. We will have plenty of seats for the kids, they will be fed, taught, have extracurricular activities, etc. Just give us a little room to do our jobs.” Boasberg says the best support the community can give the school right now would simply be giving DPS a little space. “We need to start devoting more time to getting actual work done and less time to placating concerned residents,” says Boasberg. “You give us the time and respect, and we will give you a quality product.” ]]>

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