Forest City on Control Tower: “We Are Open to Anything, and Have no Timetable”

Control tower to house officesForest City recently announced that they are set to begin taking bids and applications for space in the old control tower which has remained vacant since the beginning of Stapleton development. “It’s been over a decade now, so we should probably figure out what we are going to do with it,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “I made a promise to myself that if an Eastbridge grocer was ever inked, I would make the tower my top priority. I never thought it would happen, but here we are.” Dargossi says there is no timetable, and only very rough sketches of what the tower could look like. “The architect’s renderings are more for fun than anything else,” said Dargossi. “Without knowing the types of businesses that would move in there, it is way too early to predict what the design will be like. Plus, we never end up having things look like the original concepts. Dargossi says that the tower could be used for retail, offices, a restaurant, and possibly even a fitness facility. “When I see that that tower, it seems to me someone could make a hell of a climbing wall out of that,” said Dargossi. “So, that’s one thing I am pushing for. I just need to get a better understanding of how attractive nuisance laws work. On the other hand, we have never been sued over that dangerous fountain.” Residents are hoping a restaurant ends up getting space in the tower area. “There are a lot of cool things you could do with a restaurant or bar there,” said resident Adam McCoy. “If there was a way to have a beer in a fun atmosphere at the top of that tower, it would be pretty cool. Now, my guess is that would be about a $45 beer for what it is going to cost to renovate that place.” Dargossi says that they are willing to work with new retailers the same way they have been willing to work with their current retailers. “We have a strong history of working with our retailers,” said Dargossi. “We tell the retailers what they owe us, and they pay it. If not, they are out. It is really simple, and has worked very well, and our retailers appreciate it.” As of now, no companies have come in with a serious proposal, but Dargossi has had some calls from interested parties. “It is way too early in the process, but we are getting serious consideration from a company that, well, let’s just say will make your automobiles cleaner.” ]]>

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