King Soopers, Forest City Ink Eastbridge Town Center Deal on 10 Year anniversary of Original Negotiations

10 year anniversary of King Soopers original negotiationsKing Soopers and Forest City announced two weeks ago what residents have been waiting for for ten years: there will actually be an Eastbridge town center. “This is huge,” said resident Tom York. “I mean, if it actually happens. Until I see the building actually being built, I just won’t believe it.” Stapleton residents have reasons to be skeptical. Over the last decade, there have been several rumors about different possibilities for the Eastbridge town center. Some issues with the town center have centered around its size and its ability to even house a large grocer. Then there has been Soopers public statements saying that a natural grocer “could not make it in Stapleton.” Eastbridge eventually did get a temporary all-natural grocer before Forest City kicked them off the land they were using illegally. Later it appeared that Eastbridge would get a permanent all-natural grocer, but that of course was crushed by the infamous Kroger right of refusal language. In the end, the artwork in the Eastbridge town center will go well with the new King Soopers. The Stapletonion first reported this deal going through as far back as October, 2013. But, residents were weary then, and they are weary now. A November SUN survey gives an idea of what residents will be looking for from the new town center. “They could have a King Soopers there and not totally screw this up,” said resident Stew Potter. “Just put a café and a bar there, and I’ll stop complaining.” Forest City President Phil Dargossi said the deal was driven completely by Kroger. “They said they had outgrown the current location, and basically needed more space,” said Dargossi. Dargossi insists it had nothing to do with another store or Kroger exercising its right of refusal. “Anyone who says that is a liar,” said Dargossi. “A big fat, stinkin’ liar. We have talked to every store in the world, or at least country. No one wants to be in that crappy town center. I mean nobody. They hate the location, but more than anything these stores we have talked to hate the people of Eastbridge. Sorry folks it’s true. The grocery stores you love, don’t love you back.” Kroger Spokesperson Lisa Evers says that Soopers is excited to bring the exact same options to the community two miles down the road. “This new store will look almost exactly like the other store,” says Evers. “We are excited to see how we compete with ourselves. Sometimes going head to head against yourself gives you some perspective as to where you are at.” Although most residents are disappointed it is going to be another Soopers, they are able to see some positives. “I am more excited to see what is going to be around the King Soopers,” said Kelly Connor. “I mean, if there is a decent coffee shop and restaurant, the King Soopers is simply collateral damage at that point.” Forest City has not released any statements on what else would be placed in the town center and any interested parties, but hey, we’ve waited 10 years for this, what’s another 10? ]]>

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