Resident to Hold “Poor Dad, Stapleton Dad” Seminar at MCA Community Center

A successful senior business man isolated against white backgroundStapleton resident Kevin Walker has long been successful professionally, holding positions as high as senior VP of an oil company and sales director at a major financial firm. To Kevin, his real success has been his ability to juggle a successful career, have a hot wife, and have time for his kids. “Being successful does not define me, as much as it doesn’t define any Stapleton dad,” said Walker. “What I want to be defined as is a great dad, who makes good money, drives an expensive car, and who has a very attractive wife. That’s how most people want to be viewed and respected.” Walker decided he wanted to share his secrets with those who want to be like him. “A majority of dads here in Stapleton are really in the same boat, or yacht as me,” said Walker. “But there are those that may be struggling in some of the areas where I am succeeding. Then, we have Park Hill residents and Aurora residents right next door who may want in on the secrets. The secrets of what it takes to be a Stapleton dad.” Most of the message is motivation, according to Walker. “We are trying to instill confidence in people,” says Walker. “Confidence can get you a better job with more pay, and confidence and more pay can get you a better looking woman. A better looking woman can give you more confidence. There really isn’t a lot to it, you simply need the motivation, and a person that has lived it, to show you the way.” Other parts of the message focus on time management. “When you get home from work, you grab a beer immediately, and head over to the park to meet the kids. It’s good for others to see you spending time with your kids, and it can sometimes be fulfilling to play with them for a bit. You can really surprise yourself.” The seminar will be held at the Stapleton Master Community Center on Tuesday May 6th from 6:30 to 9:30. Tickets are $25. “We expect a big turnout,” said Walker. “We are essentially selling the dream. Everyone’s dream of being a Stapleton dad.” ]]>

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