Rough Stapleton Dads Use Gang Signs to Threaten Aurora Drivers

dads flashing gang signsRecently, you may have noticed a group of 10 to 15 40 year old men hanging out on Fulton and 26th some days, and Havana and 26th other days. The men appear threatening as they drink Colt 45 and Mickey’s, often flashing signs to drivers crossing into Aurora as well as pointing at drivers using gun gestures with their hands. “It looks pretty hard core,” said Stapleton resident Kathleen Williams. “They look like they are in shape, maybe they do cross-fit, but any rate, they seem pretty scary.” The group says that Stapleton residents have nothing to fear. “Nothing we are doing is geared towards Stapleton residents,” said one of the men, Ryan Dinnibier. “Our motivation is to get Aurora people out of our neighborhoods. We are sick of them being all up in our grill. The message is simple: stop driving through our neighborhood, or we will continue to flash threatening signs at you.” The group of dads is a rotating group of about 40, many of whom work from home or have a flexible schedule. “We all take our turns, or shifts,” says one of the dads, Mark Tracy. “A lot of us think this is what has to be done.” Tracy says the dads know who is from Stapleton and who is from Aurora because, “we’re not stupid. It’s pretty easy to tell.” The dads plan to stay at their posts the entire summer and through the fall if Aurora traffic through Stapleton doesn’t slow down significantly. “We are dedicated to this,” said Dinnibier. “It is definitely working. We have noticed fewer and fewer American cars or cars built before 2010 driving through the corner. The hard work is paying off, so we will continue to do our work.” Forest City and SUN have not made any official comments on the group and its goals. On condition of anonymity, one Forest City official appreciated the group’s efforts. “On the record, we could never support the efforts of the group,” said the official. “Off the record, I think most people in this building would tell you, in the end, what this group is doing is great for Stapleton.” So, if you happen to be driving by one of these Eastbridge intersections, don’t feel threatened by the group. Unless, of course, you are still driving that 1995 Chevy or Ford.]]>

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