Stapleton Dad Uses Ms. America Style Pageant to Determine Nanny

ms america pageant for nannyMany Stapleton families have been through the process of hiring a nanny, and some have done so several times. The process can be difficult, and determining the best fit is not always easy. “A few times we thought we had a great fit and it just didn’t work out,” says Stapleton dad Eric Jackson. “Other times, we were hesitant, but it turned out great. I wanted to see if there was a way to get a science about it, and maybe get others aside from my family involved in the process.” Jackson decided to get 16 of his neighbors and friends to help with their most recent selection process. “We decided we would do the initial weeding out, and get it down to ten or so,” said Jackson. “After that, we wanted to include the opinions of our friends and neighbors, whom we trust. So, we found a time where our final eight potential nannies could come, and we worked the new process.” Jackson said the nannies were at first uncomfortable with the format, but in the end, they thought it was a fair process and probably the best way to determine if they were the best fit for the job. Jackson used a very similar scoring system to that of the Ms. America Pageant. “The things they look for in that pageant are very similar to what we are looking for,” said Jackson. “We just did some tweaking where things didn’t match exactly.” The contest included six different scoring criteria: • Lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit: The Jacksons have very active kids, so they wanted someone who was in shape enough to chase them around. Also, according to Jackson, “I don’t mind having a hot nanny.” • Daily dress: The Jacksons want to make sure the nanny dresses appropriately and doesn’t come over as if she just got out of bed. • Talent: It is important that the nanny have talents, either in crafts, athletics, singing, humor, etc. These are the types of things that keep the kids entertained and wanting for more. • Ability to handle a crisis: Although major ones rarely come up, the nanny needs to know how to handle it if the kids melt down. • Pointless philosophical question: The judges ask one ridiculous question such as, “if you had one wish…” simply to get an understanding of the intelligence of the nanny. The Jacksons need a nanny with decent common sense. • Energy & charisma: The Jacksons need someone who would bring plenty of energy to the household to keep the kids engaged, and excited to see her every day. The 16 judges ranked each contestant from one to eight, and a composite score was given to each potential nanny. It should be noted that the daily dress and swimsuit portions were the final two criteria judged, as not to skew the opinions of the male judges for the other four criteria. “We then took the winner, contacted her by phone to discuss pay, and moved forward,” said Jackson. Jackson says that they did not release the scores to the contestants. “Had the winner, or Ms. Jackson Household as we call her, not worked out, we would have moved down the line, at least through third place.” Jackson says that so far they are very happy with their new nanny. “We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Jackson. “If anyone else is having challenges hiring a nanny, I strongly suggest this format. There are some logistic and timing issues to deal with, but in the end, it is the best way to get what you want for your kids, and yourself.” ]]>

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