Southenders on High Alert After Spotting White Guy Walking Dog

Neighbors in Stapleton’s Southend aren’t sleeping any easier after hearing about a Caucasian man seen walking a white Labordoodle along the greenbelt last week.  The man was reportedly seen walking the allergy- friendly pooch at 6PM last Thursday near the skate park. “Something just didn’t seem right about it,” reported Southend resident and block captain, Dana McAlister, who saw the man and his non-shedding canine while she was removing flyers from her front door.  “It was dinner time for one and kind of hot, so I thought, ‘that’s kind of weird.’” Dana McAlister called to her husband and told him to watch the kids while she went out to follow the white guy.  But her husband, Bryan, said he wasn’t cool with that.  “I’m not gonna let my wife walk out into the street after some white dude with a poodle.  Sometimes I think she takes this block captain stuff too seriously.  I just told her, ‘call the cops.’” Dana McAlister did report the incident to the police who later searched the area and could not find the man. “They were really great. They told me if I ever see something weird like that again, ‘don’t hesitate to call,’ McAlister said.  “And I won’t.’”  ]]>


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