Back to Pool; Residents Excited to Dive Back In On May 24th

stapleton poolThe Stapleton pools open in less than two weeks, and school is out June 6th. It’s the perfect storm. Kids are getting stir crazy in classrooms where their teachers checked out in April, and are excited to start swimming and playing in the pool. “We love when the pools open,” says local Stapleton mom Katy Miller. “We know when we are at work, our kids for sure have something to do with the nanny, and there is no chance they are just sitting around watching TV or playing games. We would rather have them doing something more productive than the pool, but at least it’s outside, and they are being active.” Kids aren’t the only ones excited to get back in the sun. “The recent cold weather has been quite a drag,” says attractive Cross-Fit Stapleton mom Lora Jepsen. “When you are fit, you want people to see that, and the pool is the most appropriate place to showcase an in-shape body, like mine for example.” This year’s pool opening celebration will be similar to years past with some added flair. “We are going to have a series of stripper poles around the pools,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “With the music the DJs are playing, and the energy and competitiveness of some of these really in shape Stapleton moms, we think it should add some good, clean fun.” Kampstra says that she hopes dancers stop short of taking their suits off, however. “We are not expecting any nudity, but we certainly expect things to get fun.” Stripper poles will not be the only addition. “We will also have a ‘this day only’ selling of marijuana products at the concession stands,” said Kampstra. “It will all be smokeless, and we will have extra lifeguards on hand. Hey, we are Denver and we are Colorado. It should be a lot of fun, and depending on how it goes, we may add another marijuana day later in the summer.” Kampstra says that pool staple, beer, will be a part of the celebrations as well. “We plan to have ‘boat races’ as well as other chugging contests where teams and individuals will win beers for the day. It should be a lot of fun.” Pools open at noon on Saturday the 24th, but those who expect to get in should get there by 9AM. Oh, and by all means, bring your dollar bills. ]]>

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