26th Ave Park to Have Play Area for “Bad Kids”

bad-kids-play-areaStapleton, with all of its tremendous parents and kids, is bound to have a few bad apples. You have probably seen them running amuck at the grocery store, or possibly even squirting you with a squirt gun at the pool without your consent. These kids play at the many Stapleton pocket parks, and are typically the ones running over the little kids at parks for which they are too old. The Stapleton MCA security has finally figured out a way to deal with these unruly children. “We obviously can’t simply kick these families and kids out of Stapleton,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “But, what we realized we could do is isolate them, the same as a jail would.” The MCA has decided to have the 26th Ave. Park dedicated to the play of disobedient children. “Many parents know if they have kids who are hard to deal with,” said Kampstra. “They will probably tell their kids to play there. Some kids won’t go there voluntarily, but they will end up being taken there by the Stapleton Security team.” Kampstra says kids will receive two warnings for playground misconduct at other pocket parks, and then will be restricted to what is being called the “Detention Play Area.” The play area has plenty of fun equipment for the kids to play on, but will also feature a six foot high security wall with an electric fence (not enough to kill). There will also be state of the art security cameras which will monitor the kids every move, and be used in disputes between kids. Kids are welcome to come and go as they please, but must go directly home and avoid passing any other pocket parks. “It’s really going to be a great way to get the bad kids out of the pocket parks,” said Kampstra. “Heck, even prisons and jails have a yard, so these kids at least deserve that.” Kampstra expects the Detention Play Area to be open by the beginning of July. ]]>

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