King Soopers Acquiesces: Eastbridge Store Will Not Have Parking Lot

10-year-anniversary-of-King-Soopers-original-negotiationsLast Monday, SUN organized another meeting to discuss community concerns over the King Soopers store headed to the Eastbridge town Center. Concerns ranged from location of the gas station to ‘does it really have to be King Soopers?’ But the topic most discussed was the issue of the parking lot. “It seems to me that this parking lot is going to be massive,” said concerned resident Tom Hodges. “Does it really need to be that big?” Sooper’s spokesperson Mike Hoffman says that based on the square footage of the store, and the expected traffic analyzed by Kroger’s actuarial scientists, the parking lot is appropriate for the area. “Kroger has over 2,600 stores, and we do roughly $100 billion a year in revenue. We are absolutely open to suggestions, but we kind of have the hang of things.” Random Stapleton citizens disagree with the grocery behemoth, however. “I really like the concept of new urbanism and that design type is kind of fading out parking lots,” said attendee Sean Lewis. “They are an eye sore, and these days, everyone is walking or riding bikes to get groceries.” Other residents agree. “If I want to drive somewhere, I’ll drive to Whole Foods said Kerry Taylor. “There is absolutely no reason to have a parking lot there. If I don’t need it, no one does.” After hours of Stapleton residents standing up and repeating the same thing the resident said before them, Hoffman begrudgingly agreed that the new Soopers will not have a parking lot. “This is new territory for us,” said Hoffman. “And quite frankly, new territory for any grocery store. I have been working in the grocery business for 25 years, and have never heard of it. So, I guess we will be the guinea pig here and test it out.” Hoffman also agreed that the new store will not have plastic bags available, and people can bring their own reusable bags, or purchase the ones available at King Soopers. Finally, King Soopers has agreed to forfeit its naming rights to the Stapleton community. “Stapleton will decide on the name of the store,” said Hoffman. “It will simply say, ‘powered by King Soopers’ much smaller below whatever title the community comes up with.” The Stapletonion has agreed to work in partnership with Soopers and SUN to help find the best name for the new store. Please email ideas to The Stapletonion at ]]>


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