Stapleton Garage Sale: Shrewd Stapleton Mom Successfully Negotiates Price of $3 Salsa Dish Down to $2

shrewd stapleton mom garage sale2Stapleton resident Mandy Hanson looks forward to the Stapleton garage sale every year. “You can get so many things at great prices,” says Hanson. “People are simply looking for an easy way to get rid of the stuff they no longer need in their homes. So, if they can get a little money for the items they are happy. There are some really great deals.” Hanson uses the garage sale to purchase large items such as couches, chairs, desks, etc., but the sales have been most helpful for Hanson when acquiring clothes and toys for her kids. “Outside of birthdays and Christmas, I haven’t paid full price for a toy in probably five years,” boasts Hanson. “It doesn’t even make sense. People get rid of toys you would still buy at Target for $50, but they are selling them for $5. I purchased cribs, rockers, car seats, and almost anything else necessary for kids at the garage sales as well.” Hanson mentions that she keeps track of the items she purchases with the actual cost and value. “I keep a spreadsheet of all the items I purchase so I know how much I save every year. Cumulatively, we estimate we have saved just over $5,000 on the items we have purchased.” Hanson says that the biggest key is finding the hidden, undervalued gems at the garage sales, but the other key is knowing how to negotiate. “I almost never pay full price for anything. Even if someone won’t budge, I always ask.” In fact, one example was a salsa dish Hanson purchased at the Stapleton garage sale this season. “It was this very cute salsa dish, and they were asking $3 for it. I knew it was probably originally $12 or so, and knew I may be able to talk them down. So, I offered them $2, and they accepted. And that’s how it is done.” Although Hanson is a big fan of the Stapleton garage sale, don’t expect her to be selling her stuff at the garage sale anytime soon. “We sell our stuff on ebay and craigslist. No way would we give our stuff away like that when there is money to be made.” ]]>

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