Stanley Marketplace Shining Example of Possibilities if Forest City Isn’t Involved

stanley marketplaceIn the June Front Porch it was announced that the Stanley Aviation building, which has remained vacant for years, will be repurposed and serve as a community marketplace. “This is really exciting,” said resident Mike Stevens. “Eastbridge has been waiting for this for a long time, so to finally get a neat little town center we can be proud of is pretty cool.” Of course, Forest City and Stapleton can hardly make claim to the new project. Stanley Marketplace found a partner in the least likely of places; Aurora. “The City of Aurora has been great to work with,” said owner Chris Penningroth. “We know that Stapleton and Aurora have certainly had their disagreements, but when we discussed this project with them, they absolutely stepped up to help make sure the project came through.” There is currently not a definitive timetable for the project, but Penningroth hopes it can be completed by next year. “There is a lot of work to be done,” says Penningroth. “But the City of Aurora has proven much easier to work with than Forest City, so we are hoping things will move forward quickly.” Penningroth is not willing to share some of the potential vendors in the marketplace at this time, but promises there will be a beer garden. “The fact that people will be able to ride their bikes from the Westerly Creek trail and sit outside and enjoy the Stapleton and mountain views should be enough to get customers out here. We are even considering having a small dog play area if people walk their dogs here.” Most Stapleton residents are very excited about the new project. “It just goes to show you what can be done without Forest City,” said resident Sam Dillingham. “It’s too bad they are always tripping over themselves, or they would have been able to champion this project.” To most all Stapleton residents, there is only one negative to the Stanley Marketplace project. “I’m not psyched about having to go into Aurora,” said resident Jolene Larson. “But, as long as I can still see Stapleton, and don’t have to have the ‘Aurora feel,’ I guess it is okay.” Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan couldn’t be more pleased with the concept of the project. “It is about time we do something with that building,” said Hogan. “And, if we can get some Stapleton dollars rolling into Aurora, it’s really going to help our economy.” ]]>

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