Elimination of Baseball Fields in Section 10 Pleases Parents Who Enjoy Driving

no-new-baseball-fieldsThe July issue of the Front Porch reported that the City of Denver no longer plans to include baseball fields in the section 10 area as originally planned. “There are already soccer fields at Dick’s,” said Deirdre Oss, Senior City Planner. “Do kids really play baseball anymore? I feel like all I see on TV right now is soccer. So, baseball fields seem a little unnecessary, plus they can be expensive to upkeep. Sure, they may be good for the kids, but there’s just no money in baseball fields. You know what there is money in? Property taxes.” Many residents disagree with Oss that kids no longer play baseball, but they do agree that the fields aren’t necessary. “Well, more kids are playing baseball in Stapleton than any other sport, except maybe soccer,” said youth sports director Gabe Hurley. “Northeast Denver does not have many baseball fields, especially more than two at the same venue. This doesn’t cause much of a problem, however, as almost all of the families I know don’t mind driving 30-45 minutes to either the other side of Denver or another city altogether.” Baseball mom Nikki Potter agrees. “We have a 10 year old in a Denver baseball league, and we have to drive all over the place,” says Potter. “But, it’s great because we have the time, a nice vehicle, and it’s a great way to use more gas. Most of the parents I know like having to drive for these reasons and putting multiple baseball fields near Stapleton may alleviate all that enjoyable driving for hundreds and hundreds of future baseball parents.” Oss says that parents shouldn’t be concerned about any new baseball fields going in so they can continue to enjoy their long drives to other fields. “As of now, we are planning to put a couple in near the high school, but honestly, we may not do that either,” said Oss. “On paper, that land looks like it is better suited for residential homes as well.” Oss says the city is doing everything they can to keep Stapleton parents on the road. “We are even considering eliminating sports facilities from the high school and simply leasing other facilities for games. We know that sports aren’t that important to most residents, plus it will give the parents of Northfield High School another reason to drive.” ]]>

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