Soopers on Logistics: “We’ll Figure It Out When We Get There”

soopers not big on logisticsKing Soopers doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to their logistics. From the oddly placed arrows at the Quebec St. Soopers to their struggles in Brookhaven, Soopers isn’t quite UPS when it comes to figuring out best practices and efficiencies. “They have an awful history of doing things the best way,” says Stapleton resident John Kriebs. “The concern of residents is that that trend will continue if they end up completing their project in the Eastbridge Town Center. What residents want is a plan from them with data that shows the project will work beyond them making money. What will parking be like? Will other businesses be supported? How will entering and exiting affect existing traffic patterns? These are the questions that don’t seem to be getting answered.” King Soopers spokesperson Mike Hoffman seems unaffected by these concerns. “Historically, most of our work has been put in the area of figuring out whether or not we can make money,” said Hoffman. “Once we get the contract, and build our facility, then we start worrying about traffic patterns, community safety, etc., etc. So, we are a ways out before we start making an effort in those areas. Right now, we are pretty busy counting the money we will be making at that location. Money. Money. Money.” Many residents haven’t given up on keeping Soopers out of the Eastbridge Town Center. “This ain’t over,” says resident Dave Asbee. “We will continue to fight. The arrogance of King Soopers just makes the resistance of residents stronger.” Other residents have accepted what they see as inevitable, and simply want Soopers to put more of an effort into designing the store appropriately for the area. “I mean, they’re coming, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” said resident Kevin Kozlowski. “But, what we want to see is some effort into doing what is best for not just them, but the community. And we’re just not seeing that.” ]]>

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