Editorial: A Stapletonian’s Response to Station 26 Kid Controversy

station 26A recent post on Westword Blogs suggests that Stapletonians are ruining Station 26 by bringing their kids who are essentially unsupervised and running amuck. I have only been to Station 26 once (enjoyed the experience), but feel I can add some wisdom to both sides of the issue.

  1. If you bring your kids into an environment where the environment isn’t always going to be kid-friendly, don’t expect people to change their behavior for you. For example: I take my kids to baseball games. If people around me happen to swear, I don’t get mad about it. I knew there was a possibility of that before I went to the game. So, unless someone is being egregious about their behavior, which I may comment on if my kids weren’t there, don’t give a dirty look because someone uses a four letter word at a place where those are sometimes uttered.
  2. An establishment has the right to make itself 21 and over with no exceptions (correct me if I am wrong Stapleton lawyers). So, if you have an issue with kids being at the bar, take your complaints to the owners. If they ignore you, they clearly value the other business more than yours.
  3. There are hundreds of bars in the Denver area. If you are there and kids are there, go somewhere else for a while. Most bars aren’t overflowing with kids. Secondly, be patient. Most parents in Stapleton put their kids to bed at a decent hour, so I am guessing if you wait until 8:30, you can swear and dance naked all you want (that’s my policy).
  4. There is no official data on this, and although being an alcoholic would certainly make it difficult to be a great parent, my guess is that there are just as many deadbeat parents who don’t drink as there are that socially drink. In fact, I would argue that I see more good parents who are social drinkers than those who rarely drink. Taking your kids to bars or restaurants and having beverages with alcohol does not make you a poor parent. Skipping their football game to go have an alcoholic beverage does.
  5. Finally, there was a time not too long ago when I didn’t have children. I can’t remember a single instance of being at an establishment and being annoyed by kids running around or being there. Station 26 must have an over-representation of A) kids, and B) people who hate kids. To the people who commented about these terrible parents who don’t control their kids: call your moms and dads and ask them to remind you of how perfect you were when you were a child, and how they never took you somewhere where you shouldn’t have been. Better yet, never have children or associate with people who have them, and you can continue to live in your bubble of understanding how parents should be raising their kids.

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  1. I’m very tolerant of kids in their spaces, ie. the zoo or a museum, but the one, and only, time I went to Station 26, there was a 4 year old sitting at the bar next to me! Not OK, especially when he pulled my hair! It’s a straight up brewery, not a restaurant with a bar. No reason for children here and, no, I won’t watch my language in this kind of space!

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