Even Pocket Park Pressures Parents to Stay in Shape

pocket-park-exercise-equipmentThe new ‘completed’ pocket park on 26th and Fulton features a large, new age jungle gym, swings, slides, and a sandbox as well as other contraptions for kids to enjoy. But the hidden gem of the new park is the three exercise areas for ‘kids’ 13 and over. There is an apparatus for sit-ups, another for squats, and yet another acts as a step machine. Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers explains why they added the exercise equipment. “We feel that one of the things that defines Stapleton is just how fit the community members are. With the parents being in such good shape, it is an added benefit to encourage kids to stay in shape as well. Furthermore, if a mom or dad happen to be at that park, they can get a little workout in while their kids are at play.” Many moms in the community agree. “It gives me a chance to get some extra work in,” said local hot mom Kaylynn Mason. “I do a cross-fit class in the morning, then I either do a yoga class or go for a run in the afternoon. So, this just adds another way for me to burn calories in case I go over my calorie allotment on my paleo diet.” Mary Hayne agrees. “What else would you do when you are there?” asked Hayne. “I’m not just going to chase my kid around for an hour. I have really been working to tighten up my core, especially since I have seen what the other moms have been looking like this summer. The unofficial swimsuit competition in Stapleton is tough, and I don’t want to fall behind.” Some moms think it is a little silly that workout equipment is at the park. “I guess it’s fine,” said Nicole Morgan. “But, why not spend that money on more things for the kids? Do Stapleton adults really need this stuff? We all know it won’t be teenagers using the equipment, and that was never the intent.” Misty Fisher agrees. “Can’t a mom just go to the park and play with her kid or read without feeling pressure to get another workout in? I think it is creative, but was it really necessary? I don’t think so.” Ayers says that Forest City will evaluate the success of the equipment at this park before determining installing similar equipment at new and older Stapleton pocket parks. “If the residents like it, we will continue to install them,” says Ayers. “At Forest City, we are all about the people.” *Editor’s Note: I feel the exercise equipment was a nice idea, but Forest City could have saved a lot of money simply by installing a rope climb, a pull up bar, and a plaque that explains how to do a proper push up, sit up, and burpee. ]]>

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