Xcel Bills Make Residents Feel Like Inefficient Dicks

xcelbillOf course, many Stapleton residents don’t take time to look at their bills. They simply pay them and discard them immediately. However, for the residents who do actually look at their bills, they find the Xcel Energy bill to be the most perplexing. “We actually try to keep our energy usage down,” says Stapleton resident Bryan May. “We use their energy saver program, we open the windows anytime we can, use efficient light bulbs, etc. In fact, our bills don’t seem that high, but according to Xcel energy, we aren’t doing enough.” What May is referring to is a portion of the bill which explains how you are doing in regards to conserving energy in comparison with your neighbors. “It always says we are in the 50th percentile, and that other neighbors are saving much more than us,” says May. “I don’t see how that is possible. Hell, I can hear my next door neighbors running their air conditioners all the time. What can I possibly be doing wrong?” May even spoke to his neighbors about it. “They told me their energy bills also told them they weren’t doing enough to save energy, and that they were even using energy more inefficiently than me. I still didn’t understand how we could only be in the 50th percentile, however.” May ended up calling Xcel to learn more about what was going on. What they told him cleared things up, but didn’t make him any less angry at Xcel. “I asked them why my usage seemed high in comparison, when I knew I was doing lots of things to be energy efficient,” said May. “Turns out, when they compare you to your ‘neighbors’, they are using several ZIP codes around you, which may have homes a quarter of the size or twice as big. Some may not even have air conditioning units. So, they are not comparing apples to apples at all. They are comparing every item against each other in a giant fruit bowl.” The Stapletonion contacted Xcel Energy, and they did not have much of a response. “We want customers to get a global feel of where they are at,” said Xcel Energy representative Eric Farrell. “Aren’t we all neighbors in this great world of ours?” Farrell said that they will continue to use the current metric, as they know most residents are too lazy to call in to ask about the metric. “It’s just easier this way. Giving people a comparison of their actual neighbors and comparing to size of home, simply makes too much sense.” ]]>

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