Starbucks Engineer Figures Out Way to Sit Less People

StarbucksIf you are like most of Stapleton residents, you were greatly affected by the 29th Street Starbucks shutdown. The Starbucks closed so that the store could re-engineer the area to be more efficient for its customers. “It has never been perfect,” said regional Starbucks manager Jonathan Ironside. “We wanted to upgrade the seating, and make the line more efficient. So, we brought in some of our best people to make it better for our loyal Stapleton market.” Some Stapleton residents aren’t sure any goals were accomplished. “I think most of us were used to lining up outside,” said resident and regular Starbucks customer Sylvia Hanson. “Even in the winter, it wasn’t that big of a deal.” Others have also not found the new configuration welcoming. “You have to squeeze by people to get around to the line,” says Chelsea Rudee. “I don’t think that change was good in this case. Shouldn’t residents have taken a survey on this or something?” Even more residents complain about the new seating. “I am pretty sure there is less seating in there than there was before,” says Daniel Murphy. “And this ‘community seating,’ what the hell is that? Are we Marines?” Resident Shannon Erickson believes the new, uncomfortable configuration was intentional. “They want to serve as many customers as possible,” said Erickson. “And, creating uncomfortable and awkward seating areas will help clear the store out faster, allowing more customers to come in, quickly drink their coffee, and get out. It’s a big win for Starbucks.” Ironside denied that the reconfiguration had anything to do with getting customers in and out. “The design just needs time,” said Ironside. “Residents will soon love the ‘new’ Starbucks, and will get used to the winding line and awkward seating areas.” ]]>

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